The CJEU on Employment and Consumer Contracts

Yesterday (20 October 2022), the Court of Justice delivered the judgment on the case No C-604/20, ROI Land Investments Ltd v. FD.

In the dispute in the main proceeding, FD, domiciled in Germany, worked a few months for ROI Land, a Canadian company. As mutually agreed, their relationship was transferred to a new Swiss company (R Swiss AG), of which ROI Land was the mother company. At the same time, FD and ROI concluded a “warranty agreement” whereby ROI assumed full responsibility of the fulfilment of the obligations due by the Swiss company towards FD. A few months later, R Swiss AG dismissed FD. The latter challenged the dismissal before German courts suing, at first, R Swiss AG, obtaining a final judgement that declared the dismissal null and void and ordered the Swiss company to pay what was due, and, subsequently, following the default of R Swiss AG, ROI Land.

The case against ROI Land poses many questions on the applicability of Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 and Regulation (EC) 593/2008: (i) the characterization of the legal relationship between FD and ROI Land as individual employment contract; (ii) the relationship between jurisdictional rules on individual employment contract of Regulation No 1215/2012 and residual national jurisdictional rules applicable to defendant non domiciled in a Member State; and (iii) the definition of the concept of professional activity for the applicability of the rules on consumer contract.

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